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Air Warfare & ISR

Intelligence SolutionsDraper’s Air Warfare and Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance directorate is dedicated to improving DoD intelligence and U.S. Air Force combat functionality through the innovative design, development, and deployment of information decision systems and intelligence data handling capabilities.

  • Geospatial Intelligence systems, tools, processing, and data management
  • Targeting and target planning applications, tools, systems, and networking
  • Sensor, video, and imagery processing, analysis, exploitation, visualization

Air Warfare & ISR, images provided by 452nd Air Mobility Wing

ISR Systems and CapabilitiesDraper provides systems analysis, design, and rapid prototyping for airborne ISR processing, systems, and components. Draper’s expertise in sensor systems, inertial technology, planning optimization, and information decision systems comes together to provide unparalleled capabilities for development, test, and evaluation of manned and unmanned ISR systems.

  • Mission Integration and optimization for manned or remotely piloted systems
  • Advanced software, algorithms, and processing for sensor/system cross-cueing
  • System analysis, design, and processing for multisensor, multiplatform operations

Precision Engagement – Precision StrikeWe apply our multidiscipline engineering and development expertise to technologies that enable accurate location and timely prosecution of targets in dynamic USAF combat and close air support environments. This same multidiscipline approach enables innovative solutions for test-range evaluation of weapons and optimization of range instrumentation.

  • Multisensor/phenomenology processing for detection of targets and change
  • Automated target acquisition and processing, tracking, and data networking
  • Rapid geolocation and georegistration for dynamic targeting solutions
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