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Community Outreach

Community OutreachCommunity OutreachCommunity Outreach

Draper Laboratory has a long-standing and extensive community outreach program that was formalized in 1984. Aligned to our business interests and educational mission, this program demonstrates a strong investment in the local community's quality of life. Draper supports nonprofit, community, civic, and educational programs in Cambridge that benefit Cambridge residents. Each year, more than $175,000 is distributed through our Community Relations Programs.

Our support to the community is done through three programs:

  • Educational Outreach
    • High School Summer Research Internships
    • High School Co-op Program
    • National Science Festivals
    • US FIRST Robotics
    • Tours, Speakers, Events
    • Scholarships
    • Financial Contributions
  • Corporate Giving Programs
    • Community Grant Program
    • Corporate Sponsorships
    • In-kind Donations
  • Community Relations
    • Employee Giving
    • Civic Organizations
    • Kendall Community Group
    • Cambridge School Volunteers KeyPal Program
    • Draper Volunteers!
    • Quarterly Blood Drives
    • Annual Toy and Back-to-School Backpack Drives

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