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Diversity at Draper

At Draper, we recognize that a diverse workforce made up of individuals with varied backgrounds and experiences enables us to maintain the fresh and innovative thinking critical to our success. In order to solve the nation’s toughest technical challenges, we need the strongest possible teams, where each employee’s individual talents and contributions are leveraged effectively.


In order to celebrate and encourage diversity at all levels of the organization, Draper supports a lab-wide diversity and inclusion initiative and supports the formation of employee-organized affinity and support organizations at Draper. We also celebrate heritage and awareness months throughout the year, including Women’s History Month, Black History Month, Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, Gay Pride Month, and Mes Latino, Veterans Month, and Native American Heritage Month.



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  • Veteran's Day Memorial
    Veteran's Day Memorial
  • Hispanic Heritage Month
    Wine and Cheese Cocktail Celebration
  • Society of Women Engineers
    VP John Dowdle welcomes SWE Boston members
  • LGBT Pride Month Kickoff
    Cambridge Mayor David Maher Gives Keynote Address
  • African American History Month
    "Wheel of Knowledge" Trivia Event
  • Women's History Month
    Viewing a Memory quilt honoring important women