The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Inc.The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Inc.


Education at Draper

When the MIT Instrumentation Laboratory became the independent, not-for-profit Draper Laboratory in the early 1970s, our commitment to advanced technical education remained a core part of our mission and charter.

Education at Draper

We put this education commitment into practice through a broad spectrum of programs and projects that engage the public, our local community, and academic institutions nation-wide in various ways.

Draper enhances and supports science and engineering education at nearly all levels of learning.

  • K-12 STEM and Outreach programs

  • Undergraduate student employment and internship opportunities
  • Graduate student research through the Draper Laboratory Fellow (DLF) program
  • On-campus funded research with faculty and Principal Investigators through the University R&D (URAD) program

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Our Culture

Our diverse and innovative workplace lets employees work on various projects and our educational programs.

Meet our Employees

Ryan Prince
Employee Profile
Senior Member Technical Staff, Embedded Systems Group
John Irvine
Employee Profile
Laboratory Technical Staff, Information and Decision Systems
Lindsay Kaye
Employee Profile
Technical Staff, Model-Based Systems
Chris Yu
Employee Profile
Division Leader, Embedded Navigation and Sensor Systems Division