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Energy Systems

Draper Laboratory is applying our expertise in sensors, controls, simulation, and real-time data analysis to transform the cleanliness, efficiency, safety, and security of energy production, distribution, transmission, and usage. The Laboratory is bringing “rocket science” technology to an industry that is in need of innovative solutions to merge its traditional infrastructure with emerging energy needs and requirements. For example, Draper’s Timeliner™ software, developed to control and monitor instruments onboard the Space Shuttle, is being used to monitor the reliability, efficiency, and performance of equipment throughout coal-fired power plants, reducing green house gas emissions, and enhancing plant reliability.

Energy Systems

Some of Draper Laboratory’s current projects and initiatives:

Energy Generation, Power Plant Efficiency, and Greenhouse Gas Reduction

  • LOI (loss on ignition) sensor for measuring coal plant combustion efficiency
  • Draper SmartGen power plant management and visualization system
  • CO2 mitigation studies with Brown University exploring clathrate and reconversion techniques
  • Hydrodynamic direct carbon fuel cell
  • Novel lubricants based on gyroscopic systems for wind turbines


Electric Grid Management and Control

  • Communication and control systems for integration of renewables onto the grid
  • Smart grid abnormal rare event monitoring and detection
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