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As an independent, nonprofit research and development organization, Draper offers experts who can discuss hot topics with members of the media seeking analysis for stories. To arrange an interview with a Draper expert in one of the areas below, please contact us.


Climate Change Monitoring

Clean Energy
Smart Grid Technologies
National Energy Alliance

Space Exploration & Transportation
NASA Programs
Military Space
Satellite Repair & Refueling
Commercial Space Transportation

Chem-Bio Defense

Soldier Systems 

Healthcare for Military/Vets
Battlefield Medicine
Physiological Monitoring
Novel Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Brain Injury Diagnosis

Tissue Engineering

Implantable Drug Delivery Devices

Autonomous Systems & Operations
Space & Underwater
Human Systems Collaboration
Human-Machine Interface

Guidance, Navigation & Control
Precision Guidance
Inertial Instruments
Global Positioning Sytem (GPS) 

Innovation & Emerging Technologies