The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Inc.The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Inc.

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Inertial Instrument Test Facilities

3-Axis Motion Simulators

  • Precision rate and orientation inputs for inertial instruments and other systems
  • All axes (inner, middle, and outer) provide independent and continuous acceleration and angular rate
  • High acceleration and smooth rate control to enable quality inertial testing
  • Large mounting volume accommodates a variety of instrument sizes
  • Integrated environmental chamber with programmable temperature profiles for additional testing capability

3-Axis Motion Simulator

2-Axis Test Tables

  • Provide sensor and instrument calibration and thermal performance testing
  • Control system enables precise automated trajectory inputs
  • Aerostatic bearing design for high stiffness and large test load capacity
  • Pier isolated to minimize external noise sources
  • Integral environmental chamber enables automated system test over a wide temperature range


Single-Axis Rate Tables

  • Accurate and wide dynamic range rate tables for inertial sensor evaluation


Dividing Heads

  • Accurate sensor evaluation and calibration capabilities
  • Repeatable angle measurements between 0 and 360 deg
  • Configurable for horizontal and vertical operation in earth’s gravitational field
  • Automated and manual position capability