The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Inc.The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Inc.

Technical Capabilities

Precision Navigation & Timing

Extremely precise timing and navigation capabilities are critical to the effectiveness of many Draper technology solutions. Draper has a proven track record in creating precise time keeping and navigation instruments that can perform extremely reliably in highly dynamic and harsh environments.

Precision Navigation & Timing

Draper’s Precise Navigation and Timing (PNT) capability addresses the conceptualization, design, and prototyping of precise and accurate timekeeping and guidance and navigation systems and integrates a diverse infrastructure and talent base from across the Laboratory. Draper’s work in PNT uses unique packaging solutions and other technology innovations in areas such as MEMS, optics, and cold atom guidance to create ultra-reliable timing and navigation mechanisms for use in environments with denied GPS signals, thermonuclear radiation, and extreme g forces.

Technologies associated with this capability include:

  • Quantum sensing and metrology
    • Atom iInterferometric sensing
    • Atom magnetometry
    • Atomic clocks
    • Traditional inertial technologies
      • Electromechanical
      • MEMS / MOEMS / NEMS
      • Guided / fiber optics
      • Electro Optics
      • Advanced imaging
        • Compact imagers
        • Compressive-nav imaging
        • GPS technologies
          • Navigation architectures
          • Weak signal devices
          • Algorithms for adverse environments
          • Other augmentation sensing technologies
            • System conceptualization, architectures, and modeling