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Fabrication & Prototyping

Build Your Prototype

A concept is just a concept until you can hold it in your hands. Here at Sembler, we have the precision equipment and facilities to turn your powerful idea into a real, working prototype.

Draper has been building innovation for more than 80 years — and now Sembler is here to put Draper expertise to work for startups like you. We specialize in making the very first of something, demonstrating revolutionary concepts and building prototypes for game-changing systems. We also excel at making the very last of something, like when a system needs to go to space and work perfectly (because you’re never going to make another one).

At our Kendall Square home at the heart of the Boston and Cambridge innovation ecosystem, our facilities include a premier microfabrication center, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) facility, polymer fabrication, precision machine shop, our Center for Additive Manufacturing, and more.

How We Help

Center for Additive Manufacturing
Circuit Board Assembly
High Precision Machine Shop
Microfabrication Center
Polymer Fabrication

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