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Testing & Characterization

Test Your System

Any startup building a new product needs to make sure it works as expected. Sembler is here to help, providing a conduit to Draper’s extensive on-site testing facilities, including environmental, shock, vibration, high-G, radio frequency emissions, and others.

Utilizing Draper testing facilities, we help you test at the component, subsystem, and system levels across your full development cycle — from modeling and simulation, all the way to final as-built system performance.

At our Kendall Square home in Cambridge, Mass., our test facilities include certified, approved, and controlled factory test equipment to conduct evaluations under conditions of variable temperature, humidity, pressure, shock/vibration, and thermal cycling. In addition, our facilities enable altitude simulation, magnetic testing, motion simulation, and electromagnetic interference/compatibility testing.

How We Help

Modeling & Simulation
Radio Frequency Emissions Testing
Motion Testing
Mechanical Shock/High-G Load Testing
Environmental Test Facility

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