The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Inc.The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Inc.

Working with Draper

Solution Engineering

Concept to Delivered SolutionsDraper is committed to providing innovative and usable engineering solutions for nationally important problems. From military defense and space exploration to biomedical engineering, lives often depend on the solutions we provide, and we take that fact very seriously. We create unique and effective systems and solutions that perform as promised and expected. 

We are an independent, nonprofit laboratory, which means our primary commitment is to the success of our sponsor’ missions rather than to shareholders or overseers. Whether you are a government or private sector sponsor, Draper would like to be your research and development partner. Our balance of deep experience and innovative thinking means that we tackle even the most daunting engineering problems with a promise of successful and usable solutions. 

From concept development through to delivered solution and follow-on support, Draper will partner with your organization in a variety of capacities. Our multi disciplined teams of engineers and scientists and collaborative environment inspire the cross-fertilization of ideas necessary for true innovation.