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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Biomed Solution Executive Joins Draper as VP, Commercial Business

Miltenyi’s Clark to expand Draper commercial offerings

CAMBRIDGE, MA – Last week, Tara S. Clark, formerly general manager of Miltenyi Biotec Incorporated’s North American Clinical Operations, became vice president, commercial business at Draper.

At Miltenyi, Clark established an organization responsible for the commercial development of combination medical device and biologic products. Her successful navigation of the clinical and regulatory landscape enabled the advancement of a medical device from concept to FDA approval and drove double-digit revenue growth for each of 12 years.

According to Draper President and CEO, Kaigham J. Gabriel, delivering solutions from concept to the business-to-business market is a skill Draper needs to drive its business further. “Draper’s long-standing relationships with its U.S. government customers have been built on its ability to deliver the new capabilities they need, when they need them. Many of those capabilities led to new offerings for the B2B marketplace. But increasingly, the pace of innovation in the commercial market has surpassed that of the government’s investments in research and development. Tara Clark’s focus on the commercial sector brings the power of Draper engineering to new markets while increasing the speed of innovation for Draper’s government customers.”

Throughout Draper’s more than 80-year history, the company has led the way in bridging the so-called “valley of death” for technology. Draper engineers and scientists take cutting edge research conducted internally or from academia and combine it with state-of-the-art technologies from industry or developed by Draper to deliver field-ready prototypes of new capabilities that are greater than the sum of their parts.

Clark explained “I’ve spent my career identifying the best way to move concepts to market rapidly. But in the commercial technology marketplace, speed isn’t the only requirement; you have to have the best technology. I look forward to applying my intimate understanding of the commercial pathway to innovation and working with some of the world’s greatest engineers and scientists to empower Draper customers with bold technologies to achieve their goals.”

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