Engineering Impact

Draper focuses on design, development and deployment of advanced technological solutions for the most challenging and important problems facing the nation and the world.

In 2016, Draper embarked on an ambitious new undertaking to expand our history of service. Draper's Engineering Impact is the application of our substantial engineering capabilities to the world's pressing social and humanitarian challenges.

Engineering Impact's approach is to identify, develop, and execute projects in conjunction with partners working in specific challenge domains, ensuring that we are providing solutions with impact to meaningful problems. Draper and our partners work together from project ideation through implementation and release to ensure that the ultimate solution will be both deployable and sustainable. Approaches to sustainability range from including affected populations as end users during development to open-source release of system designs. By working with first adopters and end users, we ensure that the solutions are truly usable and will make a difference.

Draper's not-for-profit status enables us to work on problems in domains in which traditional return-on-investment would be a limiting factor for other providers of advanced engineering solutions. Working in conjunction with our partners, we form a unique resource to positively impact such challenges. This work is enabled by like-minded philanthropies, foundations and individuals who see value in the work we do.