Engineering Possibilities

How do we develop new landing capabilities for space systems?

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Applying Engineering Solutions to Complex Global Challenges

Engineering Solution

Personalized, cell-based therapies and personalized drug selection constitute two important facets of precision medicine, treatments specifically tailored to the individual receiving them.

Our Process

Ideas & Research

We work closely with academia and industry to identify the discoveries and new technologies that are solution enablers.


Our knowledge of how our customers will use a product—including their environment and operational constraints—informs how we conceptualize the solution.

Design and Prototype

Our modeling and simulation capabilities support rapid incorporation of new ideas and user feedback into virtual systems, demonstratable solutions, and fielded prototypes.


End-use of a product informs how we approach its transition to the field. We work with outside companies to prepare our prototype design for high-volume mass production, or can produce the device in-house when only limited quantities are needed.


Our time spent in the field with sponsors provides them with critical technical support and provides us with valuable insight into the future needs of those customers.

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