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Friday, January 1, 2010

Draper Board of Directors Elects Len Polizzotto as VP of Strategic Business Development & Marketing

The Draper Board of Directors elected Dr. Len Polizzotto as Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Business Development at its recent meeting. President & CEO Jim Shields said, “The election of Polizzotto to Vice President recognizes the success he has demonstrated in leading the Laboratory’s expansion of business operations into new areas and the development of strategic collaborations with government, industry, and academic partners across the United States.

“Len brings a unique marketing perspective to his leadership role. His depth of experience in working with government and industry sponsors, in academia, and his consumer product background have enabled him to efficiently lead the Lab into new opportunities.”

Polizzotto joined the Laboratory almost three years ago as a principal director to lead new strategic business development initiatives and direct marketing functions. Since then, he also has been assisting the vice presidents for programs and strategic systems with growing critical opportunities for business development in established areas.

At Draper, Polizzotto conceived and established the Lab’s successful partnership with the State of Florida that resulted in the Biomedical Systems Center at the University of South Florida and the MCM Fabrication Center in St. Petersburg. He also has led the Draper Energy Initiative, which the Laboratory anticipates growing into a new program office over the next several years. He has introduced the Laboratory to several new sponsors for our Special Operations Program Office, supported the development of the Center for Soldier Innovation with the Natick Soldier Systems Center, and assisted with the strategy for major opportunities including the U.S. Navy’s SSBN Navigation Upgrade Program.

Before joining the Laboratory, Polizzotto was Corporate Vice President for Business Development at SRI International, a world leader in contract R&D services, for six years, which followed a 25-year career at the Polaroid Corporation, concluding with the assignment of Corporate Vice President for New Business Development.

Polizzotto directed the Center for the Globalization of Technology at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, between corporate experiences, leading the university’s efforts to form partnerships with corporations in applying new technology for business development. As a Professor of Practice in the Electrical Engineering Department, he established a new course on business and technology and advised more than 50 undergraduate students. In the past eight years, he found one and led another high tech startup, both in the biomedical area. He holds 10 patents, is the author of numerous articles on human color perception, digital imaging, and microphotography. He is a founding member of the newly-launched National Academy of Inventors.

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