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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Jimmy Jang Recognized by NASA Marshall Space Flight Center for Work on Area 1

Jiann-Woei "Jimmy” Jang (GCD6) received a Certificate of Recognition from the Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) in October 2009 “For outstanding analysis in developing viable load relief flight algorithms to reduce aerodynamic loads experienced by the Ares 1 launch vehicle.” The certificate was signed by NASA MSFC Center Director Robert Lightfoot and NASA’s Acting Ares Project Manager Teresa Vanhooser. 

The certificate presented to Jang included the following description: “The Ares I Guidance, Navigation, & Control (GN&C) team and the Loads & Dynamics team worked together in September-November 2008 on a complex, short-turnaround study to assess options for reducing vehicle aerodynamics loads on the vehicle. These loads drive mass into the design of the Ares I elements and Orion and are a driving requirement for the overall Constellation Program. The Ares System Requirements Document has several requirements from the Constellation Program to enable capabilities for Day-of-Launch Wind Biasing and In-Flight Load Relief Algorithms that had not been fully addressed by the Ares I Preliminary Design Review in August 2008. For the PDR + 90 Days Checkpoint meeting in November, the GN&C and Loads team assessed these options and combinations of these options to reduce aerodynamic loads and angles of attack during ascent. The team presented their results and recommendations to the Constellation Program Manager and Ares Project Manager and were acknowledged for the quality and quantity of relevant information presented to decision makers.”

Manned Space Systems Group Leader Naz Bedrossian said, “We’re extremely proud of Jimmy’s contribution to the Ares I team effort and his recognition by our MSFC customer.” Ares I Program Manager Pete Paceley commented, “Jimmy’s contributions to the Ares I launch vehicle control system design are another example of the exceptional technical value that we provide to our NASA sponsor.”

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