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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Rapid Innovation Gets Boost in Cambridge. Draper to consolidate Multichip Module Production Capabilities

CAMBRIDGE, MA – Maintaining a competitive advantage for national security by adopting and adapting new technologies from the commercial market drives an ever-accelerating pace of innovation. Staying ahead of this technology demand requires innovation throughout the entire technology development lifecycle from design to production. To increase its ability to meet customer demands for emerging engineering solutions, Draper will begin consolidating its Multichip Module (MCM) facility located in St. Petersburg, Fla. with its production capabilities in Cambridge, Mass.

“Fielding new technology requires the agile bridging of the difficult gap between basic research and commercialization,” explained John Dowdle, Draper Laboratory’s vice president of engineering. “As our government and commercial customers increasingly rely on Draper to help them bridge this gap by developing solutions and processes to prove scalable manufacturability, we need to consolidate our design and production capability to meet this tempo.”

Collocating will increase Draper’s Cambridge pilot production capacity by almost three times its current capabilities, and more efficiently align design and development solutions.

Since opening its St. Petersburg MCM facility, Draper has developed a unique and scalable integrated ultra-high-density (IUHD) packaging technology with broad relevance to defense, intelligence, and biomedical applications. Additionally, the essential process elements needed to take the manufacturing technology to production have been demonstrated.

While this consolidation increases pilot production capacity in Cambridge, Draper will consolidate and focus investments over the coming months in the Tampa Bay area to increase its rapid prototyping capability in support of its U.S. Special Operations Command customers. 

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