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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Robots, AI and Wearables Get the Spotlight as Draper Hosts Mass Innovation Nights

Partnership with MassInno Celebrates Leading Innovations and Entrepreneurs

CAMBRIDGE, MA—Helping athletes understand the limits of their bodies. Devising a leak detection robot for municipal water supplies. Creating an outdoor experience in computer coding for children. Connecting a bra to a smartphone to provide the wearer with personal health insights.

These breakthroughs, all developed by startups, have earned a spot at Mass Innovation Nights 110’s May 10 event at Draper and hosted by the Sembler Program Office at Draper. Of the thousands of startups in the region, 11 were selected for the MIN #110 product showcase.

“Innovation is in the DNA of our city and region, and innovation is the driving force for all of the startups and entrepreneurs who engage with Draper and participate in Mass Innovation Nights,” said Nathan Wiedenman, Director of the Sembler Program Office at Draper. “By coming together, we can share ideas, showcase what’s new and get an early look at the next big thing.”

The Sembler Program Office is the access point to Draper for innovators in start-ups and small companies. The most important part of Sembler’s mission, according to Wiedenman, is to seek out start-up companies with innovative technologies that complement or augment Draper’s own capabilities. “Our goal is to work together with exceptional startups to tackle bigger challenges for our customers and sponsors. Sembler offers startups affordable access to Draper’s experts and facilities, leveraging 80+ years of expertise so we can build something amazing together,” he said.

Mass Innovation Nights is Massachusetts’ leading monthly new product showcase, with a mission to help local entrepreneurs get more visibility for their new products.

Free-of-charge and open to the public, Mass Innovation Nights 110 will feature startup experts and networking, as well as tabletop demonstrations and presentations from the participating companies. Before the event, you can vote for your favorite product. The featured companies and organizations are listed on the Mass Innovation website.

Experts will be on hand to share their knowledge with attendees. Guests are encouraged to use hashtag #MIN110 and @MassInno to share their photos and commentary. The gatherings typically generate hundreds of tweets, Facebook posts, blogs and videos, and are key visibility drivers for these companies. To attend, please RSVP.

Mass Innovation Nights

Mass Innovation Nights (MIN) offers an opportunity for people interested in innovative new products to connect live and online. Each month, different companies launch new products with Innovation Nights and the social media community helps spread the word. Since 2009, it has helped launch more than 1000 new products.Follow MIN on Twitter or visit the website.

Startups with innovations in robotics, artificial intelligence and wearables will join Draper’s Sembler Office For entrepreneurship at Mass Innovation Nights 110, a new product showcase, on May 10.
Capabilities Used

Draper has designed and developed microelectronic components and systems going back to the mid-1980s. Our integrated, ultra-high density (iUHD) modules of heterogeneous components feature system functionality in the smallest form factor possible through integration of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) technology with Draper-developed custom packaging and interconnect technology. Draper continues to pioneer custom Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS), Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) and custom radio frequency components for both commercial (microfluidic platforms organ assist, drug development, etc.) and government (miniaturized data collection, new sensors, Micro-sats, etc.) applications.  Draper features a complete in-house iUHD and MEMS fabrication capability and has existing relationships with many other MEMS and microelectronics fabrication facilities. 

Human-Centered Solutions

Draper has continued to advance the understanding and application of human-centered engineering to optimize the interaction and capabilities of the human’s ability to better understand, assimilate and convey information for critical decisions and tasks. Through its Human-Centered Solutions capability, Draper enables accomplishment of users’ most critical missions by seamlessly integrating technology into a user’s workflow. This work leverages human-computer interaction through emerging findings in applied psychophysiology and cognitive neuroscience. Draper has deep skills in the design, development, and deployment of systems to support cognition – for users seated at desks, on the move with mobile devices or maneuvering in the cockpit of vehicles – and collaboration across human-human and human-autonomous teams.

Image & Data Analytics

Draper combines specific domain expertise and knowledge of how to apply the latest analytics techniques to extract meaningful information from raw data to better understand complex, dynamic processes. Our system design approach encompasses effective organization and processing of large data sets, automated analysis using algorithms and exploitation of results. To facilitate user interaction with these processed data sets, Draper applies advanced techniques to automate understanding and correlation of patterns in the data. Draper’s expertise encompasses machine learning (including deep learning), information fusion from diverse and heterogeneous data sources, optimized coupling of data acquisition and analysis and novel methods for analysis of imagery and video data.

Materials Engineering & Microfabrication

Draper continues to develop its expertise in designing, characterizing and processing materials at the macro-, micro- and nanoscales. Understanding the physical properties and behaviors of materials at these various scales is vital to exploit them successfully in designing components or systems. This enables the development and integration of biomaterials, 3D printing and additive manufacturing, wafer fabrication, chemical and electrochemical materials and structural materials for application to system-level solutions required of government and commercial sponsors.

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